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Current research has shown that tennis is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to stay active, fit and healthy. Playing tennis on a regular basis benefits young childrens physical, psychological and social development. An increasing number of children are becoming involved in tennis at an earlier age. Children and adults can begin to play at any age, but truly the best time to start tennis is when you are young.


Develops hand-eye coordination
Improves balance and body coordination
Enhances speed, leg strength, agility and flexibility
Supports the immune system
Improves bone strength and density
Increases aerobic capacity
Boost metabolic functions and lowers body fat
Helps children develop a healthy lifestyle through diet and nutrition


  • Helps children build confidence and self-esteem
  • Develops positive personality characteristics 
  • Improves mental strength and work ethic 
  • Enhanced emotional health and stability
  • Teaches children how to manage failure and make mistakes
  • Helps children to learn how to win graciously and lose with honor.
  • Improves problem-solving skill
  • Helps reduce stress


Helps development of social skills through interaction and communication.
Builds and maintains valuable friendships
Develops sportsmanship and teamwork
Teach children to respect coaches, referees and other fellow players.
. Builds and maintains valuable friendships
Practices better control of emotions in a group settings



1. Get better grades, 48% h ave an Aaverage.

2. Have college aspirations, 81% say the will attend college.

3. Are better behaved, 73% have never been to the principals office.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#servingkindness2017 Recap



Friday, February 24 marked the final day of #servingkindness2017 challenge. For the last two weeks our coaches and cub cadets have been implementing acts of kindness.  Check out some photos from the week and see our cub cadets spreading kindness.

A big thanks to all our cub cadets, coaches and parents who participated in our 12 day #servingkindness2017 challenge.

Keep up the good work everybody and remember ……
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Photos From #servingkindness2017
Teddy Tennis Bergen County NJ

Day 1 Challenge
- Share a smile -
share a smile.png
Day 2 Challenge
- Make a Valentine’s Day card for someone you love -
V day card .png
Day 3 Challenge
- Be kind to the Earth today by picking up litter and throwing it in the trash -
Day 4 Challenge
- Draw a picture for a parent, teacher or coach -
Day 7  Challenge
- Help a parent with a chore -
Day 9 Challenge
-Be kind to yourself and eat healthy snack-
-We choose to eat some delicious organic carrots as our healthy snack today-
Carrots snack.png
Day 10
-With an adult read a book on kindness-
Day 12
Give yourself a compliment and a hug for completing this challenge
We want to know how spreading kindness felt or affected you or your cub cadet?  Share your photos or stories below.


Christopher Pucci 

Christopher Pucci is currently the Managing Partner of the Teddy Tennis Bergen County and Tri-State Franchises. He has been involved with Teddy Tennis since March of 2013. With over 30 years developing players, over 20 years in Club/Facility Management and Program Development and over 15 years in coaching ATP & WTA Professional Players, Christopher is considered to be one of the nation's premier coaches. Christopher, a USPTA and PTR certified professional, has developed players to achieve World Rankings, NCAA Div. I Championships, Ivy League Rookie of the Year, #1 age division rankings and more. Christopher is an enthusiastic individual with a passion for tennis. To him, one of the greatest joys is introducing young children to tennis and he is passionate about using tennis to help develop young children’s character.

Christopher on how you can benefit for life from tennis:

Sports, especially individual sports require an athlete to 'figure it out'. Tennis players during a match do not have the sideline coach to help them through the difficult moments. Being able to develop the skills to figure things out was my "ah-ha" moment in my tennis journey. These skills I had learnt helped me compete at a much higher level and I continue to use many of these skills in life. Life, just like an opponent, can often present challenges and knowing I can figure things out I am not reluctant to take those challenges head on.

A quote from Christopher:

“Teddy Tennis is by far the best way to introduce a child to this wonderful sport. It is engaging, fun, mesmerizing and develops not just tennis skills but functional skills that every child this age needs.”

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A few parents have been asking us some important questions!  


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KINDness is a habit (2).png
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We hope everyone has been having a bear-tastic winter!
Did you know that the act of kindness has positive health benefits?  In recent studies, research shows that the act of kindness has a tremendous positive impact on mental and physical health. The act of kindness has been suggested to positively impact one’s cardiovascular system, reduce high blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. Studies also suggest that those who engaged in an act of kindness felt better mentally and spiritually.  When we engage in an acts of kindness we are setting a positive force of energy in motion. Being kind to others not only has a positive effect on oneself but it also has a positive effect on the recipient of the act of kindness, as well as witnesses of the act of kindness. One act of kindness can influence and inspire others to engage in kind actions. It is said that acts of kindness can be contagious because when one person performs a kind act they influence others to be kind producing an endless chain.  
At the Teddy Tennis Academy we always try to teach our Cub Cadets how to be kind by setting a good example with our own actions.  Just like any other behavior, kindness is a habit that can be cultivated. The most dominant way for children to learn new behaviors is by copying those around them. This means as Coaches we have a powerful opportunity, and responsibility, to teach our youth how to be kind to themselves as well as others. An act of kindness does not have to cost anything and can be as simple as smiling or giving out a compliment to someone else.
Attached is a 12 day Cub Cadet Kindness Challenge that Teddy Tennis invites all of you to participate in. The challenge starts on Monday, February 13th and ends February 24th. By simply doing one small act a day you will be helping to raise awareness and spread kindness in your community.
Everyone who participates in the challenge will have their name placed into a hat and 1 Cub Cadet will be chosen. The winner will be announce on our Facebook and Instagram pages so stay tuned!!!!!!


  1. Follow @teddytennis_bergen
  2. Like us on Facebook
  3. Complete 3 challenges out of the 12 (see Cub Cadet Kindness Calendar attachment)  
  4. Tag @teddytennis_bergenand hashtag photos of your child or family engaging in an act of kindness #servingkindness2017

Team Teddy Tennis,
Jen, Nick, Dennis, Austin, Patty and Chris